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this is where it begins and ends. ★

you are now a warrior.

[CONSCRIPTED★the spoils of war]; OOC Community.
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Guidelines for warspoils

I. OOC is VERY OOC! This community should be extremely self-explanatory; it is for introductions, hiatus notices, drops, plot discussions and the whole nine yards. It's basically anything that doesn't belong elsewhere.

II. Use the appropriate tags for each entry. The existing tags are as follows:
*intro: are you new to the game or have just picked up another character? use this tag.
*plot (of or relating to anything plot related.)
*hiatus (of or relating to inform that you'd be out for some time.)
*drop (of or relating to dropping a character or entirely.)
*fanwork (of or relating to fanart, fanfiction, or the like.)
*meme (of or relating to conscripted-wide memes. lol.)
*etcetera (of or relating to anything else that doesn't belong to the former tags.)

conscripted (main/logs); amitynet (network); centreverse (radio news); warspoils (ooc);
valonet (valora's private network); verinet (verity's private network); vilanet (ex favila's private network)